What to consider when hiring a web design agency

What to consider when hiring a web design agency

A quick google of ‘web design agencies near me’ will most likely return a flurry of results, but how do you know which web design agencies in your area are trustworthy and give high-quality results? Here are 4 key questions to ask when looking for the right web design agency for you.   

What does their website look like? 

Needless to say, a badly designed website for a website design agency is the biggest sign you’ll see to move onto a different company. Take a look at various pages of their website; are they easy to navigate? Is the look and feel modern and appropriate for the sector? You’ll soon know if it’s not a user-friendly site and this will speak volumes.   

Who are their clients? 

Take a look at the clients they have worked with and visit those websites to get a feel for their body of work. It can be helpful to use a web design agency who have clients in your sector as you’ll know they serve a similar (if not the same) target audience. Although not a necessity, this is a consideration.   

What software do they build in?

If you have an existing website and a preferred content management system, you’ll need to check the agency is able to build in this. Whether it’s Wordpress or Joomla, you need to know they are proficient in the solution you want.   

How quickly can they work?

If you have a timescale in mind, you need to know the web developers working on your project are able to commit to this. Be upfront about your timing expectations and ask them to be realistic and honest about their current workflow and how your project will be accommodated.    When looking for a web design agency, at Midwinter web design we’re confident our range of happy clients, 16+ years’ worth of experience and ability to build in a multitude of platforms makes us the right choice for your web build. Contact us today to find out more about our range of services.