How to make a responsive website

18 February 2020

You want your website to attract many people, and you want them to stick around once they’ve clicked onto your website. One of the main reasons people leave a website is because it loads too slowly and they lose patience, so you’ll want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! Here are some tips on how you can make a responsive website. 

Improve the layout

Make your website clear and easy to navigate to improve the user experience. Don’t use flash when making your website! Not only will it slow your website down, but it’s not good for SEO. Google is not able to read text through flash, which means any text on your website will not be detected and will not help users to find you through certain keywords.  

Images and video

Having too many large, high definition images on your website will cause it to load more slowly. Place images only where necessary, and make sure they are clear and not pixelated - they don’t have to have a large file size to be clear images. 

Make it mobile-friendly

It’s important that your website can be easily viewed from a mobile device. Having a website that adapts to a mobile or tablet assures that the user will be able to navigate it effectively, and also makes it more appealing to the eye. If the website looks stretched out, unsightly and is difficult to use, then it’s likely the user will leave the website. 

Mobile currently counts for more than half of all internet searches, so it’s more than likely that consumers will look for your website via a mobile or tablet rather than a desktop. All the more reason to have it properly optimised for mobile!

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