The Importance of a Good Hosting Package

06 July 2020

The success of any endeavour always starts with a good foundation. When it comes to having a successful website, it all starts with choosing a good hosting package. The quality of your hosting package is determined by a lot of things; reliability, performance and website speed are just some of them. These factors can make or break or break your success. With this in mind, it is critical to find and choose a web hosting provider who can offer a good package and meet whatever demands your website needs. Read on and find out how a good hosting package can affect your website and why it is a great investment for you.

How does hosting work?

First of all, let us start with the basics. Web hosting is simply where all the information, content, and files of your website are placed. These bits of information are all stored in a remote computer that is called a host. Whenever you visit a website, all the information that is needed to create it is displayed within the web browser. To put it simply, web hosting is like renting a space on a remote computer. Just like any rented space, there are monthly or annual charges.

What are the different types of hosting?

  • Shared hosting. Most websites make use of servers or shared hosts. This is where other websites keep their website files as well.
  • Dedicated web hosting. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting makes use of the entire server or computer in which your website information is saved. No other website is sharing space within this server which means, your website is more secure and can load so much faster. Dedicated web hosting is highly favoured by large companies and websites with large amounts of data.
  • Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a virtual server which consists of numerous physical servers. In the event that one server fails, another server will take its place, making it a more reliable choice compared to lone servers. This type of hosting does not have any downtime and can automatically scale the increase in web traffic.

Is choosing a hosting provider very important?

Yes, it is very important to make the right choice. Different hosting providers vary in the quality of service that they offer. Aside from website quality, security and speed, these are very important things you need to consider:

  • Bandwidth - The bandwidth determines the amount of data that can be transferred between the website visitors and the web hosting server. If a website has many visitors, the bandwidth must adjust to accommodate it. If your website has numerous photos, videos and downloadable content like PDF files, you will need more bandwidth too. If you will go over your allocated monthly bandwidth, your website might crash and you might incur extra fees from your web host. To prevent this from happening, you can choose unlimited or unmetered bandwidth.
  • Random Access Memory - Aside from handling your computer’s memory capacity, random access memory or RAM is also the thing that is handling your website processes and scripts. Whenever a visitor is accessing your website, various scripts like CSS or Javascript are run so that your website will be able to load. In order for your website to accommodate many scripts, your RAM should have more memory. Your RAM is a key factor in determining your website speed: less RAM means you do not have enough memory and this will result in a slow-loading website or a 500 server error.
  • Storage Space - As we have mentioned earlier, all your website information, database, files and email account takes up storage space on your hosting server. The bigger your website, the more files you need to keep: you certainly need a bigger storage space to accommodate every bit of information and keep your website running. If your email account is associated with your website’s domain name, all emails will be sent and received through your hosting server and this will take up storage space as well. In this case, the bigger your storage, the better!
  • Uptime Guarantee - Every now and then, your hosting provider will come across with a problem and your website will be inaccessible or unable to load. This does not happen frequently and does not last that long either. It is worth taking note that some hosting providers experience downtime more than often. It is a better decision to collaborate with good quality hosting providers as they can offer you uptime guarantees that will help you and your website experience the least possible problems. Go for a hosting provider that can offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee!

What should I look for in a hosting provider?

To give you more ideas on what to look for in a hosting provider, read on and take note of the following:

  • Backup - Whenever your website encounters an issue, sometimes you need to roll it back to determine it. That’s the importance of backup. Some providers offer it as part of their hosting plans while others offer it as an additional service.
  • Downtime - As we have mentioned earlier, downtime is whenever your website is inaccessible or unable to load. You must choose a hosting provider with minimal or no downtime because every minute that your website is down could mean a potential loss of income on your end.
  • Easy Switch - More than often, you can find a better hosting deal than the one you are currently subscribed with. If you are planning to switch providers, does your existing provider offer a moving service for free or do they charge you for it?
  • Email - An email address that is associated with your website’s domain name is far more professional than using an email address from Yahoo or Google. A good quality hosting provider can offer great packages that include email.
  • Scale Performance - If your website gains more visitors, can your hosting provider help you scale to accommodate your growing needs?
  • Technical Support - Whether we like it or not, some things just happen when we least expect it. Whenever your website will encounter any kind of problem, it certainly feels good when a support team is available to assist you during office hours or 24/7! You have to also take note of the way they provide support: do they assign someone who can talk to you personally over the phone or do they just send you support tickets or email.
  • Reputation - Find out everything about the hosting provider before choosing them. Do they have good reviews from existing and previous clients or independent websites? Do they have clients with a good reputation? Have they’ve been in business for many years now?

What are the costs of a good hosting package?

Affordable and good quality hosting packages are available if you will search for it. Just take note of the considerations we have listed above and make it work with your investment budget. Don’t forget that a good hosting provider will always find out your exact needs and provide it for you. We at Midwinter Web Design has been in operation since 2003. In 2015, we merged with Nicho Media to to provide top quality service and national coverage to its existing and new client base. Today, our business continues to thrive. Talk to us about your web hosting needs today!

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