What are you grateful for?

03 September 2021

World Gratitude Day falls on 21st September. A day put aside for us all to celebrate what we are grateful for.

The idea came into being after a meeting at the United Nations building in 1965, but it wasn’t until 1977 that the day was officially recognised.

Although many of blogs cover business subjects – we are people with personalities and stories – and often when building websites, I stress the importance of bringing out the personality in your business and celebrating your team.

To prove it myself, I’m sharing a little about me for World Gratitude Day later this month.

9 things I’m grateful for at home and work:

At home:

  1. My wife Ali and my two grown daughters, who are the centre of my world. They support me, and I support them. They are the reason I strive to work hard each day.
  1. I love keeping fit, and I’m grateful to be healthy enough to take part in the activities that I do. Part of my down-time from work, when I relax, I love to run, cycle, and swim, and I’ve taken part in several runs, half marathons and marathons.
  1. I was born and have continued to live in Swindon all my life, and therefore I have a huge group of friends from the time I’ve lived here. School friends, friends I’ve made through my sporting connections, and other friends I’ve made as an adult.
  1. Also, because of my connection to Swindon, most of my wider family are local to me too, which I’m grateful for in so many ways. I know there are always people I can turn to, should I need to – and I’m here for them too.

At work I’m grateful for:

  1. Having been in my own business for over 20 years, and I’m extremely grateful for the clients who have been with from the beginning, and still trust me with their websites.
  1. I’m also grateful to all of the new clients who have joined me over the years, and who have helped grow my business by giving me their business.
  1. My team of associates who help support me behind the scenes to run my business smoothly. They support me with the tasks and skills that I don’t have or no longer have time to do while I manage each project.
  1. My close business buddies who keep me going. For a number of years, I have been a member of BusinessWise, which is a business growth group. The other members are people I can turn to for help when needed, they pass me referrals for work, I do the same for them, and they are there to talk to when times are good and not so good. This last year or so has made all of these strong and positive relationships come into very sharp focus.
  1. My office buddy, Fiona who has shared an office with me for five years – we know each other and each other’s families very well. We are very different characters, both experts in our fields, but she’s more of an extrovert and I’m more of an introvert. You wouldn’t necessarily expect us to get on well, being at the opposite ends of the scale, but we do. We have each other’s’ backs, and we can bounce ideas off each other. Also, it means there is someone who I can chat to, and sound off about things in a safe space and vice versa.

We even play the lottery together, and any winnings go towards our Xmas do with our spouses.

Who or what are you grateful for in your life?

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