Why relevant content on your site is important

24 July 2019

Recently, web design trends have placed emphasis on making websites more visual and doing away with a lot of content. While this will make for a very attractive website, it could end up hurting your rankings on search engines. Having a site that looks good doesn’t always get you noticed.

Content is hugely relevant, not only for search engines but also for people visiting the site as well. Here we are going to look at a few of the reasons why relevant content on your website is so important.

Provides information

Relevant information helps search engines guide visitors to your site. Without content, you are not delivering information. Keep in mind when designing your website how it will be portrayed to a search engine, making sure that the purpose of the site is communicated accurately. Whatever your purpose may be - e.g. offering a service, selling a product or to provide information - the site should be optimised so that a search engine knows what it is about.

When a visitor comes to your site, they will be looking for as much information as possible. The best way to give them what they want is to offer high-quality content. Providing this helps visitors to easily understand your message and will also increase conversions.

Offers opportunities for internal linking

Content is a great way to add internal links. This is where you can link relevant text within the content to other pages on your site. Search engines love to see internal linking throughout a site, and it will also help them understand your site quickly and easily.

Helps to implement your keyword strategy

Any content on your site should reflect the keyword strategy you have set out. Keywords should be unique to each page of the site so that visitors can use them to find out about your products or services.

Allows for calls to action

Calls to action invite visitors to complete an action such as contacting you, requesting quotes or adding items to a shopping cart. Whatever you want the visitors to do on your site, you can add relevant calls to action within your content which will help to increase the conversions you get.

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