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Joomla! is an open source content management system, used to publish websites and is licensed by Open Source Matters Inc.

We are experts at Joomla content managed websites!

Joomla! is an open source content management system, written in PHP, that is used to publish websites and is licensed by Open Source Matters Inc.

We are experts in this software which is tried, tested, trusted and secure. We also ensure that we keep up to date with developments and attend regular events to keep on top of the emerging Joomla! technology.

There are over 8,000 free and paid for extensions are available from the Joomla! extensions directory and many more available from other sources on the internet.

It has been estimated that Joomla! is the second most used Content Management System on the Internet, after Wordpress.

Joomla! has thousands of features for its users, both paid options and free ones. Some of its benefits in comparison with other CMS choices are:

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  • A multilingual system – more than 70 languages are offered.
  • Search Engine Optimisation built into your website, to help you feature higher up in Google and other search engines.
  • Flexibility – it can be used to create a blog, a business website, intranet, community website and more.
  • Can handle everything from the simplest online brochure to a complex multi-layered site.
  • Extensions are available to allow your website’s functionality to expand when needed
  • The Access Control Lists allow you to manage the different users of the website
  • You can create as many menus as you need – there is no limitation!
  • Cache management allows your website to continue performing smoothly

At Midwinter Web Design we are experts in this system and can offer a broad range of services to assist you with your Joomla! website.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Upgrading your website from the older Joomla! versions to the latest Joomla! releases.
  • We perform the data migration needed to move your website from any other platforms. An example of this is that we can move your website from Wordpress, Woocommerce or static HTML websites into a new Joomla! Content Management System.
  • We take the time to ensure your website is safe and secure. We make sure you have an SSL certificate (the green padlock). This shows your customers you take their privacy seriously because your website always encrypts communications.
  • We don't want you to lose customers, so we make sure your website is running quickly with a good page load speed and optimal image quality.
  • We have a full suite of support services and we ensure there are regular website backups. This acts as an insurance policy, just in case anything untoward should happen.
  • We can install, manage and monitor your website for all security updates and patches. By doing this we are helping to prevent hacking, spamming and malware from taking your website down.

If you have any questions or concerns over your website, please do contact us for a free and friendly chat.

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Below is a list of the key website design, development, support and maintenance website services we provide.

  • 100% refund if not satisfied
  • Project delivered to pre-agreed price - no hidden extras
  • We adhere to agreed time scales
  • Monthly support and maintenance plans
  • Broad portfolio to view before you buy
  • Demonstration available of our content management software
  • We deliver what you want, not the easiest solution
  • We only use tried and tested open source software
  • Stage payment plans available
  • GDPR compliant website guidance
  • Benefit from regular offsite website backups
  • Website software and patching plans

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